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Through comprehensive consulting, we advise our clients on all aspects related to labor matters, with the aim of preventing and mitigating economic risks for the company related to individual and collective labor relationships, through labor-related audits, training of Human Resources staff, review and correction of labor documentation, and other activities aimed at ensuring that our clients’ labor scheme complies with the applicable legislation. In addition, we provide corporate labor advise, guiding our clients in personnel transfers, employer substitutions, labor due diligence, as well as opinion and advise focused on the closure, merger or acquisition of companies and restructuring, and in general any situation related to the labor structure of our clients.





Evaluation of current status, problem identification.


Provide customized, client driven solutions.


Application of solutions to the problem and follow up.


  • Risk assessment in labor matters.
  • Proposition, planning and follow-up of labor strategies, since the incorporation of companies and during their active operation
  • Updates regarding fulfillment of labor standards and internal work policies
  • Preparation, review and updating of documents before, during and at the end of employment relationships.
  • Comprehensive support in processes for termination of labor relationships.
  • Advisory on the design of bonus plans and labor compensations.
  • Elaboration of protocols, policies and compliance with Official Mexican Standards
  • Counsel in the implementation and follow-up of the diverse joint committees
  • Labor due diligences.
  • Strategies for transfer of personnel and employer substitution
  • Review and negotiation of corporate or commercial contracts with labor implications.
  • Preparation, review and adaptation of non-disclosure agreements, no compete, and work policies.
  • Advising in the execution, review, legitimation and implementation of Collective Bargaining Agreements 
  • Labor audits.
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