Through our legal representation, we meet the requirements of the national and foreign business sector, in order to prevent and resolve individual and collective labor disputes anywhere in the country and in the best conditions for our clients, attending to the procedural sequel from the stages prior to the procedure until its final conclusion. We personally plan and design the defense and strategy of all matters, appearing directly before the Authorities in the northeastern region of Mexico, and we have a network of correspondent attorneys in virtually every city in the country.




Receipt and analysis

Thorough study of the dispute and its root causes.

Planning with comprehensive view

Taking into consideration the most efficient timing and costs.

Precise follow-up

Seeking at all times the effective solution of the problem.


  • Processing of legal actions before Labor authorities.
  • Legal representation in wrongful termination lawsuits filed against employers.
  • Legal representation in notice of strikes.
  • Resolution of union certification claims.
  • Preparation and processing of employment contract termination notices.
  • Amparo lawsuits in labor matters.
  • Revision and negotiation of collective bargaining agreements.
  • Declarations of beneficiaries of deceased workers.
  • Negotiations and conciliations of individual and collective labor matters.
  • Attention and solution of labor inspections
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